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KixuOlen Designs

7 April
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Heyy! My name is Kristi, I'm from Estonia and I'm 16 years old. ;)
Sometimes I can be really weird but there are times that I'm cool. Sometimes I'm really loud and just having fun, but I can be really quiet and kind of a loner. Usually I hang out with my friends all the time and we're always being silly and loud and ofc we love to party. I don't like winter so much cuz it's always REALLY snowy and cold and I can't skateboard around the town or play soccer on the field with my friends or even paint some really nice places outdoors, but sometimes it's good to have snow around cuz then I can go snowboarding, I'm not that good at it, but I still love it. I love to design rooms and buildings. I love to play piano and I'm learning guitar right now (by myself). In the future I'd love to me an architect or an actress, I'd love to be musician too but I don't have the voice so.. that's not gonna happen. :D
So, I think that's it .. Oh, and I can sometimes be a total blonde. ;)
art, bob marley .., bruno mars, eric saade, football(as in soccer), guitar, harry potter, jessie j, kanye west, piano, skateboarding, swimming